Wednesday, January 8, 2014


   Yup. 'Ya'll' in a Chinese accent.
   We've been working on rearranging bedrooms this week, while school is closed. I know everything on adoption says not to do this, but we thought it was best in this case. Preston and Henry now have the basement bedroom, and I have the upstairs. There is a lot less squabbling this way, because there is now a wall between the boys. Not to mention that their old room was pink. It was all kind of disorienting for Henry. He relies heavily on schedules, and panics if we have to so much as change the laundry routine! Of course, that's perfectly understandable, and the past couple of days have gone better then I thought they would. He either likes or hates his new room, depending on his mood and how he will get the biggest reaction at the moment. I think he really does like it, he just doesn't want to let on yet :)

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