Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Babysitting Isabela

   Oh Isabela! You are such a stinker!!! Only today she has:

1. Snuck into the pantry and eaten almost an entire box of raisins.

2. I wrestle her diaper on her. Two minutes later it's off again. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And of course she peed in the floor.

3. Followed me around "helping" get lunch ready. In other words every time I put someone's plate on the table, she sits down and eats all their food. She loves to eat everybody's food but her own.

4. One of my favorite things she says is "Peetaboo, Waw-wee," (Peekaboo, Alli). She said this ALOT today because she knows it makes me smile :)

5. When I rock her for her nap she almost always sings "Jesus Loves Me." Oh, I wish you could hear her belt it out at the top of her lungs! "Jay dzu wuvz we!".

   Sometimes when I babysit it's a little hectic, but I love it when she calls me Waw-wee.


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