Saturday, March 9, 2013

Never a Dull Moment

   Never a dull moment. Jaynelle is six and she is something else. I don't where she got the idea, or where it came from, but last summer she turned into Zechurial Knuckle. In her words he is a "five year old man from Pluto." She would don a pair of old 3d glasses from the movie theater, and voila! She became Zechurial Knuckle. I guess some kids pretend to be super heroes or princesses. Nope, not Jaynelle. 
   The story keeps getting more and more elaborate. Supposedly Jaynelle and Zechurial switch places every couple of weeks or so. Zechurial has a family on Pluto. There's Barbara Knuckle, his sister; Cracker Knuckle, his mother; Billy Bob Joe Knuckle, his father; and finally Garlic Knuckle, his little brother. 
   Zechurial even has a sort of a theme song. I would write it out for you, but it's mostly a bunch of nonsense words.
   Well, that's Jaynelle for you. Next time I will give you some Adalee quotes!

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