Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Learning Chinese and Other Stuff

   Every morning we start the day by reviewing our Chinese vocabulary list. We have a book on teaching yourself Chinese, and we try. We really do. But it's hard not to laugh. I have to say the kids are picking up really well. So is Mom. But Dad and Preston... well that's a different story. The conversation usually goes something like this:

Mom: How do you say hello?

Jesse, Jaynelle, Adalee, and Alli: Ni hao!

Mom: Very good. Daddy? How do you say hello?

Daddy: Yee haw. No, no, ni hao, maybe?

Mom: Very good!

   Jesse says Henry is going to laugh at us trying to speak Chinese. I think he is probably right. So far we have learned to say Hello, Goodbye, Goodmorning, Goodnight, Please, Thank You, You're Welcome, Do you speak English?, I don't understand, water, and bathroom. Of course, we are most likely saying seventy-five percent of that incorrectly.
   Last time I said that I would tell you a little bit about Adalee. She is so quiet and sensitive! Like the other day we accidently took home a dish that belongs at my grandma's. My jokingly said' "I guess we're thiefs!". Poor Adalee. She began to cry and wouldn't stop until she was reassured that we were not thiefs and we were not going to jail. Adalee will go to her prechool dance class I help teach. All the other little girls will leap gracefully. Then here comes Adalee, who is pretending to be a frog. "Ribbit!" and she jumps and lands in a squat. Oh my. She will go to church pretending to be a dog, and growl at the preacher when he tries to shake her hand. Everyday she comes down from her room dressed in a different tutu. She has come up with some truly unique combinations. I have to say my favorite was the super man outfit, topped with purple fairy and a pink cowgirl hat.

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