Friday, March 8, 2013


   Hi! I'm Alli. I'm fourteen. I have five brothers and sisters. They are all biological, but this October we stumbled across Henry's video. Henry is thirteen years old and was abandoned at a Chinese welfare institution at two months old. If he isn't adopted by his fourteenth birthday in June, he will "age out" out of the system to make room for infants and younger children. So we began the long adoption process. We are at the point when we re getting ready to send our dossier in to the secretary of state.
   Three of us are homeschooled. Me, Jesse, and Jaynelle. I'm in eighth grade. Preston is my older brother. He is sixteen and goes to the local public school where he plays sports. Adalee is four and in preschool. She is in preschool and genuinely believes in unicorns. For example, the other day she sighed loudly and squeaked in her little four year old voice, "I will NEVER get a pet unicorn! They live so far away! Even farther away than GG and Pop!" Isabela is almost two. She has curly hair and is always into something. She wouldn't get away with so much if she weren't so cute! I'm really excited to have another brother, and I think the rest of the gang is too.
   All your prayers would be appreciated as we go through the adoption process. I will do my best to keep you updated!


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