Sunday, May 19, 2013


   I'm not really sure what it means, but Mom says we have our Consulate Appointment June 11th. I know that's a big step, but like I said, I try my best to figure out what is going on so I can put it on the blog, but I don't really understand what all the adoption phrases mean. I do know TA (Travel Approval for those of you who are like me and all this confuses you) is the magic word though! Unfortunately, we are still waiting on ours. On the bright side we have child care lined up! A huge Thank You to Devin and Ashley, not to mention   G.G, Pop, and Grandmama! Also we have found people to take care of most of the goats,all but two does and their babies (Swiss, Parmesan, Rachel, Leah, and Ruth).
   The kids are getting so excited for their new brother! They have been begging to be the ones that give him his stuffed doggy. They are so cute! They all four have that Worrell habit of jumping up and down as fast as they can when they get excited. Preston has it too, and still hasn't entirely out grown out of it. Apparently I don't have that gene. They're also giddy that Ashley and Devin will be staying with them! At first we worried about leaving them and them being disappointed. But as soon as we told them who was babysitting they were too excited to even think about that!  I don't think I will be missed much.
   We're trying to figure out technology while in China. Any advice is welcome. We don't know if the iPad or laptop would be best, or if we have to do anything special. Obviously we are not the most savvy family.
  Yesterday we went shopping for the trip. Try buying clothes for a fourteen year old boy who you've never met and have no clue what size to get him. We are keeping the tags on everything! Also any advice in that area and what you have done would be excellent!

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