Saturday, May 25, 2013


   Things are not looking good at all right now. We have our airline tickets purchased for May 31st at 6:10 am, but yesterday they told us our VISAs had been denied! The courier said this had never happened before, they didn't deny it until the last day because we didn't have information on our hotels yet. We sent the information, but they are closed on weekends AND Monday because of Memorial Day. The courier           said in cases of extreme emergency they will get it through in one day. This is a case of extreme emergency! But by the time we have it overnight-ed it still won't be here until Thursday, and that will take a lot of things going perfectly. It seems like NOTHING is going right! It is so frustrating! Ugh! We need a miracle, but we've been saying that the entire process, and so far we have gotten all our miracles. God is good, all the time. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING! I cannot say this enough!

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