Friday, May 31, 2013

Written From the Detroit Airport

Lots of miracles since yesterday!  The travel approval came middle of the day, the visa came at 3:30, and finally at midnight we got our consulate appointment - 2 hours before leaving for the airport!  Much much celebration going on!  Now we are in Detroit at the airport, after a 5 hour layover we will fly to Beijing then on to huangzhou - should be in Henry's province by tomorrow afternoon. Pretty much everything that can go wrong has gone wrong since the beginning of this adoption --- and yet look how far we have gotten - all by the grace of God!  THANK YOU for all the encouragement and prayers - because the odds have been stacked against us since the beginning but we feel like thesis going to happen!
There are a lot of little birds inside the building and Daddy and I were feeding them but Mom told us to stop. There's also this red train running through that looks really cool :)
I want to put pictures up but the iPad is being very difficult. I will try again soon but may have to wait until we get home. I hope not :(
Will post more when we get to Beijing.


  1. Alli, I'm praying for you - this is an exciting time for your family.


  2. Keep us updated on what's going on. You're doing a great job!